Language Training

Does your company have overseas suppliers? Have you just started exporting your products? Or maybe you’d like to? A recent merger means you now have international colleagues. Suddenly, you’re in meetings and fielding calls and emails from a variety of international stakeholders. Feeling out of your depth? Whatever the reasons, or whomever you are dealing with, effective communication is essential to your success. Talk to us about some English or foreign language training. We can help you improve and seize the opportunities of the global marketplace.


Translation and Proofreading

We provide professional translation and proofreading services.

Our translators are assigned according to the nature of the task, matching language skills fluency, qualifications and expertise as closely as possible to your requirements.  All our in-house translations are separately proofed.

First impressions matter. Need to impress with that big presentation coming up? We offer professional proofreading services of original or translated material, to make doubly sure that your intended meaning is conveyed accurately.


Language content generation & voice-overs

From brochures, reports and sales packs we can help you produce language content to meet the requirements of your business.  Voiceovers are used to give your visual projects a wider audience. We provide professional voiceover services across a number of industries.